Lectures etc.

Lectures and talks

* indicates invited contribution




(82) (digital) lecture ‘A Stieglerian view on the impact of digital technology on attention’ in panel Technology and the Attention Economy: Postphenomenological Studies, organized by Robert Rosenberger (Georgia Institute of Technology) at the 4S Annual Meeting (Society for Social Studies of Science), 6-9 October 2021, Toronto and http://www. 


* (81) (digital) lecture ‘Life is what you fill your attention with –the war for attention and the role of digital technology’, Digital Identities, Digital Ways of Living: Philosophical Analyses (organized by Francesca de Vecchi and Francesca Forlè), October 12th, 2020 (Milano). Program or website

* (80) CANCELLED due to Corona: speaker at the Aegina Summer School on Social Cognition 2020 – “Social Emotions”, Aegina, Greece, 22-28/06/2020


*(79) “Can the body tell its own tale? Phenomenology of the body and interoception”, talk for the interdisciplinary Philosophy, Psychology, and Informatics Group (PPIG) (organized by Mog Stapleton), at the University of Edinburgh, May15th 2019. info

*(78) “Interoception and the subjectivity of the body”, lecture at the General Assembly (1-3 April 2019) Orpheus Instituut, April 2nd 2019. More about Orpheus Instituut.

*(77) “Subjectivity is real and the body is subjective”, closing keynote lecture at the 20thAnniversary Annual Meeting of the Danish Philosophical Society, Vejle, Denmark, March 2nd, 2019.

*(76) member in the panel on challenges for women in philosophy at the 2019 annual meeting of the Danish Philosophical Society, organized by The Danish network for women in philosophy, March 2nd 2019.

*(75) “Phenomenology of the body after interoception”, lecture at conference ‘Dissecting the Visceral Body, Across Time and Disciplines’, The Warburg Institute, School of Advanced Study, University of London, March 1st  2019. more info


*(74) “The case of drawing: tracing the draftsman’s hand”, keynote at the yearly symposium of the Finnish Society for Research in Art Education, University of Jyväskylä, Finland, 7-8 November 2018. more info

(73) “Subjectivity in the Anthropocene” (part of panel “Ecologizing Technology”, organized by Jochem Zwier, Vincent Blok, and Pieter Lemmens), international conference Human-Technology Relations: Postphenomenology and Philosophy of Technology, DesignLab of the University of Twente,Enschede, The Netherlands, 11-13 July 2018.

(72) “Tertiaire Retenties in het Huidige Technologische Tijdvak en de Consumptie van de Eigen Subjectiviteit”, Jaarvergadering van het Gezelschap voor Fenomenologische Wijsbegeerte, University of Groningen, organized by Eddo Evink & Corijn van Mazijk, 1-2 February 2018.

Back into research (from January 2017 on).

Due to a training as clinical psychologist, research activities are scaled down (March 2013 – December 2016).


* (71) “Expressive movement: personality and being-in-the-world” at cluster meeting Orpheus Research Centre in Music (ORCiM), Ghent, February 23, 2016.


*(70) “Embodied Subjectivity” and “Music Instruments and the Expressive Body”, cluster meeting Orpheus Research Centre in Music (ORCiM), York University – Department of Music, June 9, 2015.

*(69) “Art and Embodied Cognition – the Perception of Static Traces of Gestures”, Workshop Embodied Cognition, Art and Affordances, organizers Julian Kiverstein and Erik Rietveld, at the SMART Cognitive Science: the Amsterdam Conference’, University of Amsterdam, March 25-28, 2015. info


*(68) “Sensitivity to the gesture behind drawings”, Journée d’études at the Centre de Recherche en Philosophie, Université Libre de Bruxelles, September 24th, 2014. info


*(67) “Human or robot: how well do we recognise?”, Colloquium at the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente, September 19th, 2013.

*(66) “Self and Subjectivity”, lecture at workshop “Minds and Metaphysics”, Ghent University, organizer Eric Schliesser, July 16, 2013.

*(65) “Is it possible to empathize with traces of human gestures?”,  lecture at conference “Phenomenology of empathy”, Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen, organizer Dan Zahavi, 29-31 May 2013.

(64) Commentary to Aikaterini Fotopoulou: Between the Two Cultures: Neuroscientific Research on the Bodily Ego, doctoral school programme ‘Critical Neuroscience. Ethics, Philosophy, Politics and Policies. Organized by the Centre for Critical Philosophy, Ghent University, May 2nd 2013. More info

* (63) “Het gebaar laat zich herhalen, als een kus of een boterham met kaas”, lecture at Permanente Vorming Actuele Filosofie, Universiteit Gent, February 26th 2013.


*(62) concluding integration of the workshop Understanding the body we can never know, at  CREA, Paris, , October 22nd-23rd, 2012. info

*(61) lecture ‘A Heideggerian body: Dasein, tool-use and existential spatiality’ at “Interfaces of the Mind”, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, July 19-21, 2012. info

(60) “In-Depth Body and its Non-Topographic Representation”, lecture at ASSC16 (Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness), University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, 2-6 July 2012. info


(59) ‘Inner Movement and Machine Gestures’, lecture at “Inner Movement – The Motor Dimension of Imagination”, School of Arts, University College Ghent, 1-3 December 2011. more info

(58) ‘Ne dite pas que je ne l’ai pas dit’, interview with Philip Huyghe at “Not a day without a line. Artists’ words and writings”. School of Arts (KASK), University College Ghent, November 8-9 2011. more info

* (57) ‘A tale of two bodies: surface and in-depth body’, lecture at “Understanding the role of interoceptive awareness in cognition” at the Center for the Study of the Senses ((http://thecenses.org/), Institute of Philosophy, London, 27-28 September 2011.

* (56) ‘Merleau-Ponty’s sexual schema and the history of body integrity identity disorder ‘, lecture at the 14thInternational Conference for Philosophy and Psychiatry: Ethics, Experience, and Evidence: Integration of Perspectives in Psychiatry, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, September 1-4 2011. info

* (55) comments to David W. Smith (University of California) and German Berrios (University of Cambridge), keynote lectures: ‘Phenomenology in Psychiatry’, 14th International Conference for Philosophy and Psychiatry: Ethics, Experience, and Evidence: Integration of Perspectives in Psychiatry, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, September 1-4 2011 .


(54) ‘The role of the artist’s gesture in the perception of art and artistic style’. Symposium on Art and Science, Special Focus Symposium on Art and Science, The 23rd International conference on systems research, informatics and cybernetics, The International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, Baden-Baden, Germany, August 1-5 2011.

* (53) “Gesture in perceiving visual art”, conference Image and eye: the nature of pictorial representation. Antwerp University, May 27th 2011.

(52) “The trouble with auxiliary organs/Het probleem met hulporganen”, lecture during Fourth Workshop Philosophical Aspects of Embodied Embedded Cognition and Neurophenomenology, Universiteit Antwerpen, 19 – 20 mei 2011.

* (51) “Apotemnofilie: een parafilie?’,  studiedag Seksualiteit, (on)mogelijke verhoudingen en (nieuwe) genotsvormen, Idesça. May 18th 2011.

* (50) lecture ‘Het technologische lichaam als utopie’, Algemene Vorming ‘Filosofie en Literatuur: Het Utopiesyndroom’, Ghent University,  22 februari 2011.


* (49) lecture ‘Embodiment and New Forms of Imagination’, Colloquium ‘Art, Culture and Cognition’, Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrück, Germany, November 3rd 2010.

(48) lecture ‘Imagination, Embodiment and Contemporary Image-Illiteracy’, at the 4th Annual Meeting of the Society for Phenomenological Philosophy, in collaboration with the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning and the Department of Art, Music and Theater Sciences, both of Ghent University, Belgium, the Centre for Philosophy of Culture of the University of Antwerp, Belgium and the Colloquium ‘Phenomenology, Poetics and Ethics’ of the Department of Philosophy of Radboud University Nijmegen, October 15th 2010.

* (47) master class ‘Body Consciousness: the (im)possibilities of re-embodiment’, respondent J. Kevin O’Regan, organized by UCSIA, in cooperation with the Department of Philosophy, University of Antwerp, October 14th 2010.

* (46) correspondent of lecture by J. Kevin O’Regan, lecture series Brain and Self-Understanding, organized by UCSIA, in cooperation with the Department of Philosophy, University of Antwerp, October 13th 2010.

(45) lecture ‘Husserlian Imagination: Sartre’s Worry and a Contemporary, Embodied Critique’, conference onBodily Phenomenology, organized by the Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge, Södertörn University, Stockholm, 19-21 May, 2010.

(44) lecture ‘Hylè and imagination: Sartre’s critique of Husserl’, The eighth annual meeting of the Nordic Society of Phenomenology, Södertörn University College, Stockholm, April 22-24, 2010.


(43) lecture ‘What is post-phenomenological imagination?’, Post-phenomenology panel at the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences, Washington, October 28th – November 1st 2009.

* (42) lecture ‘Internet Art, Technology and Relational Aesthetics’, Symposium on Art and Science, Special Focus Symposium on Art and Science, The 21st International conference on systems research, informatics and cybernetics, The International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, Baden-Baden, Germany, August 3-7 2009.

(41) lecture ‘The (im)possibilities of re-embodiment’, 16th International Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, University of Twente, Enschede, July 8-10 2009.

* (40) plenary lecture ‘Transcendentalism and original beginnings’, at The 59th International Congress of Phenomenology – ‘Transcendentalism revisited’ University of Antwerp, July 8 -10 2009.

* (39) lecture ‘Body and imagination’ + host of the Danslab Symposium, part 3: ‘Choreographic bodies: approaches and potentials’, Den Haag, July 4-5, 2009.

* (38) interventie/statement ‘Barking up the wrong tree? Over brainstorming en creatieve ideeën’ + group discussion, Buda Libre #12 Copy/Paste (collaboration Kunstencentrum Buda & Designregio Kortijk), Kortrijk, 28 mei 2009.

(37) lecture ‘From Imitation to Imagination – the Bodily Roots of Imagination’, 7th Annual Conference of The Nordic Society for Phenomenology, University of Tampere, Finland, April 23-25 2009.

(36) position paper ‘Sensory augmentation: extending the body or incorporation into the body?’, Key Issues in Sensory Augmentation Workshop, University of Sussex, Brighton, March 26-27 2009.

* (35) lecture with G. Van de Vijver, ‘Original beginnings – their function and status’, Workshop ‘From a historical point of view’, Ghent University, January 20th 2009.

* (34) lecture ‘Embodiment and re-embodiment in the experience of technology’, at conference ‘Opening up the in-between: interdisciplinary reflections on science, technology and social change’, Organized jointly by the Center Leo Apostel, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (CLEA) and the Center for Sustainable Development, Ghent University, January 19th 2009.


* (33) discussant op Studiedag ‘Het lichaam in de psychose’, Idesça vzw en Gezelschap voor Psychoanalyse en Psychotherapie, Psychiatrisch Centrum Sleidinge, 17 december 2008.

* (32) lecture with J. Galle, ‘On the Intimate Relation between the Reproducible and the Abstract Nature of Images’ at Symposium on Art & Science, 20th International conference on systems research, informatics and cybernetics, Baden-Baden, Germany, July 24 – 30 2008.

(31) lecture ‘Toward a distinction between ‘incorporation’ and body extensions: prostheses and tools in the representation of the body in the brain’, at ‘The sense of body – an interdisciplinary approach to body representation (summer school in cognitive neuroscience)’ (Open conference: the body in the brain and the mind), Bologna, Italy, June 16 – 22 2008.

* (30) lecture + workshop ‘Images aren’t in the head: on the phenomenology of imagination’, Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, the Netherlands, June 4 – 5 2008.

(29) posterpresentatie, ‘Verbeelding – tussen rede en passies, tussen lichaam en geest’, Doctoraat in de Kunsten Gent – Presentatie- en reflectiedag, Ghent, 20 maart 2008.

* (28) lecture ‘The many faces of the body. An exploration of the layered body and its explicitness’, Studium Generale Rietveld Academie Welcome between past and future – Welcome in the world as it is, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, February 6th 2008.

* (27) lecture ‘On corporeal prostheses as an essential human characteristic’, at ESPRA II (Pre-reflex/ctive subjective experience and action), Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen, January 29th – February 1st 2008.


* (26) lecture ‘The Odd Position of the Melancholic – The Loss of an Explanatory Model?’, in Symposium on Art & Science, 19th International conference on systems research, informatics and cybernetics, Baden-Baden, Germany, July 30 – August 4 2007.

* (25) discussant in Octavian Discussion (moderator: David Depew) ‘Philosophies of biology: Naturalistic, Transcendental or Beyond?’, at the 2007 meeting of the International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology, Exeter, UK, July 25 – 29 2007.


(24) lecture ‘To perform the layered body – a short exploration of the body in performance’, Polish Cognitive Science Society Meeting, Torun, Poland, November 16 – 18 2006.

(23) lecture ‘Phenomenology and the passions – on the side of Descartes’, at conference First Philosophy, Phenomenology and Ethics, Nijmegen, Nederland, 21 – 23 september 2006.

* (22) lecture ‘Body Schema and Performance: a short exploration’, at Symposium on Art & Science, 18thInternational conference on systems research, informatics and cybernetics, Baden-Baden, Germany, August 7-12 2006.

(21) lecture ‘In-depth body and the origins of the subjective perspective: representation or auto-constitution?’, in session: ‘The Self, awareness of time, and its disorders: philosophic-neuroscientific critique of representational theories of mind’, 9th International Conference on Philosophy and Psychiatry: Philosophy, Psychiatry and the Neurosciences, Leiden, Nederland, June 28th – July 1st 2006.

(20) poster presentation, ‘The ‘visceral’ origin of the subjective perspective: problems and possibilities’, poster presented at The tenth annual conference of the association for the scientific study of consciousness(ASSC10), Oxford, June 23-26 2006.

* (19) lecture ‘Lichaam en performance’, Netwerk Centrum voor Hedendaagse Kunst, Aalst, 7 april 2006.


* (18) lecture ‘In-depth body and the origins of the subjective perspective: representation or auto-constitution?’,ESPRA (Expérience subjective pré-réflexive et action/Pre-reflex/ctive subjective experience and action),CREA, Paris, December 12-14 2005.

* (17) lecture ‘Epistemological questions concerning the in-depth body and the coming about of the ego’, The fifty-fifth phenomenology congress – Phenomenology of life: from the animal soul to the human mind. The World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning, Radboud University, Nijmegen August 17 – 20 2005.

* (16) lecture ‘Shared neural representations: Husserlian or Merleau- Pontian logic?’, Phenomenology, Intersubjectivity, and Theory of Mind, University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida, USA, January 14-15 2005.


* (15) lecture with G. Van de Vijver, ‘Structure and the Critique of Evidence’, The third world Congress of Phenomenology, Phenomenology World-Wide, University of Oxford, Oxford, August 15-21 2004.

(14) poster presentation with A. Bazan & G. Van de Vijver, ‘Representations in the gap between motor intention and motor realization?’, presented at The eight annual conference of the association for the scientific study of consciousness (ASSC8), University of Antwerp, June 25-28 2004.

* (13) lecture ‘Transcendentality and the Body’, Colloque Phénoménologie et Idéalisme, Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, June 7-9 2004.


* (12) lecture with F. Kolen, ‘The Role of Normativity and Anticipation in the Constitution of Objectivity’, Casys ’03, Sixth International Conference on Computing Anticipatory Systems, Liège, Belgium, August 11-16 2003.

(11) lecture with W. Christensen, ‘Intentionality from phenomenological, analytic and interactivist perspectives’, 2nd Interactivist Summer Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 22-26 2003.

(10) lecture ‘The Body and the constitutive role of the voice’, Conference Body Image & Body Schema, (Neuro)phenomenological, (Neuro)psychoanalytical and Neuroscientific Perspectives, Ghent, Belgium, March 30th – April 1st 2003.


(9) lecture ‘Intentionality: from phenomenology to naturalized phenomenology’, Intentionality: Past and Future, Miskolc, Hungary, June 21-23 2002.

(8) lecture ‘Conditions for the Ascription of Functions in Biology’, Causation and Explanation in Natural and Social Sciences, Ghent, Belgium, May 15-18 2002.


* (7) lecture ‘De naturalisering van de fenomenologie’in het kader van de PAV Psychoanalyse, Fenomenologie, Neurowetenschappen: wetenschapsfilosofische en klinische perspectiven, Universiteit Gent, 12 december 2001.

(6) lecture ‘Intentionality, Representation and Anticipation’Casys ’01, Fifth International Conference on Computing Anticipatory Systems, Liège, Belgium, August 13-18 2001.

(5) lecture ‘Phenomenology and the naturalizing project’, Toward a science of consciousness, Skövde, Sweden, August 7-11 2001.

(4) lecture ‘Intentionality and the inside/ outside distinction in sensitive systems’, Interactivist Summer Institute, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, July 23-27 2001.

(3) lecture ‘Het nut van functietoeschrijvingen in de biologie’, Tweede Vlaams-Nederlands Congres voor Algemene en Speciale Wetenschapsfilosofie, Leusden, Nederland, May 18-20 2001.

* (2) lecture ‘Over de differentiatie tussen zelf en niet-zelf’, Studiedag Psychoanalyse en Fenomenologie, Vesalius Hogeschool, HISS, Oostende, 28 maart 2001.


(1) lecture with Erik Weber, ‘Het nut van functietoeschrijvingen in de biologie’, lunch talk aan het Centrum voor Logica en Wetenschapsfilosofie, 15 december 2000.

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